AIGF and Neokred Technologies introduce platform to elevate online gaming security

All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) has partnered with Neokred Technologies to introduce Game Bureau. This platform has been launched to enhance onboarding, fraud prevention, user insights and scoring measures to help online skill gaming companies assess and identify their customers effectively. 

The Game Bureau is a solution exclusively for AIGF, to harness the power of Neokred’s advanced algorithms and technology to provide gaming companies with a comprehensive view for managing users from onboarding to activity monitoring with a scoring system based on diverse parameters.

Commenting on the launch, AIGF CEO Roland Landers said, “Game Bureau marks a significant milestone in our on-going efforts to build a safe online gaming landscape in India. Together with Neokred, we will be setting  a new benchmark for fraud prevention, user authentication, and overall customer experience in the online gaming industry.”  

Game Bureau includes a centralised repository, real-time monitoring features that actively track and analyse customer profiles, allowing entry for genuine customers while triggering immediate notifications for suspicious or potentially fraudulent users.

The streamlined identity authentication process ensures that genuine customers experience a frictionless onboarding process, contributing to a positive customer experience and encouraging continued engagement.

Landers further added, “The Indian online gaming industry is mainstream today and one of the fastest growing sectors within the media and entertainment industry, hence the challenges associated with user identification and security become extremely important. With this association, AIGF aims to empower online gaming companies to navigate these  challenges seamlessly. AIGF is excited about this partnership, and we look forward to adding another robust mechanism, in the online gaming space, guided by the principles of integrity, innovation, and player-centricity.Neokred’s Technology is designed with a focus on compliance with regulatory standards, facilitating easier adherence to data protection and privacy regulations through centralised identity data. Tailor security thresholds according to specific requirements with Neokred’s technology, allowing customisation to align with risk tolerance and security policies.

Commenting on the partnership Neokred chief business officer Vivek Sridhar stated, “We are excited to partner with the All India Gaming Federation and are committed to bring innovation and security in the online gaming industry. With Game Bureau, powered by Neokred, we aim to redefine the standards of fraud prevention, user authentication, and overall customer experience. Together, we envision a safer and more secure online gaming environment for AIGF and its stakeholders, setting new benchmarks for the industry.”