10 Stunning and Artistic Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design To Try Out (2023)

Bhai Dooj is right around the corner. We need to bring out the best desi outfits, mehndi designs, and heels to ‘steal’ gifts from our brothers, right? Below are 10 bhai dooj mehndi designs that you can try out.

10 Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design:

1. Dream Catcher Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

The dream catchers appear stunning. The design is straightforward but engrossing. Dream catchers eliminate bad dreams and reflect happiness, which promotes restful sleep.

2. Simple Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

Its attractiveness is enhanced by paisley and jaal patterns, as well as a complementary bail pattern that incorporates a lotus in the palm.

3. Kaleera Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

A cluster of flowers with basic henna lines and dotted patterns decorating them acts as the centerpiece of this henna design. It is captivating with its combination of henna themes and looks much like kaleeras.

4. Mandala Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

This straightforward Arabic mehndi pattern represents the universe in its most basic form and serves as a symbol of happiness, luck, and wealth.

5. Artistic Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

Its modern motif becomes the main point, a combination of bold and detailed designs. It is also a simple design that will make your design stand out from the crowd.

6. Geometric Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

Both complex and basic forms and patterns can be used to create complicated designs. Its very intricate and something to gawk at.

7. Pyramid Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

A pyramid represents the wealth and well-being of the people living there. Because of its originality, this design is remarkable and should be bookmarked and tried right away!

8. Rose Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

A rose design can be a little difficult to draw if you’re a newbie. But It will surely look amazing if you add the design and surround it with leaves and more.

9. Peacock Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

A peacock is also a symbol of confidence, legitimacy, inspiration, and even spirituality. It’s a lovely mehndi design that features stunning themes like paisleys, plants, peacocks, and ring designs.

10. Finger Bhai Dooj Mehndi Design

With its stylish finger designs and central circle on the palm, it gives your outfit a distinctive appearance and makes sure you stand out.

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