10 Bhai Dooj Rangoli Designs That Are Perfect For The Festive Season (2023)

As much as we emphasize getting ourselves ready for festivals it is also important that we decorate our houses and rooms just the way we like. To beautify houses during festivals rangolis are being made. Below are the 10 best bhai dooj rangoli designs for you to check out and select a design from.

10 Bhai Dooj Rangoli Designs:

1. Floral Bhai Dooj Rangoli

Instead of using colors or sand, flower petals can be used to make rangoli. It is not only eco-friendly but gives off a very traditional vibe.

2. Spiral Bhai Dooj Rangoli

This rangoli can be made easily even if you are a newbie. Stencils are available all over, so all you need to be is a little precise and dust off the colors well.

3. Peacock

Peacock is a very prominent design to draw for mehndis or even rangolis. It is an important bird and it also symbolizes courage, and peace, making it perfect for you rangoli.

4. Corner Bhai Dooj Rangoli Design

If you don’t want our rangoli to be smudged because of the younger ones in the house, you can choose a corner to decorate. Go all in with your creativity!

5. Free Hand

Free hand rangolis are mostly done by experienced people. As it takes loads of dedication and time. In this design you can draw anything that suits the event.

6. Simple Bhai Dooj Rangoli

If you want something simple yet elegant to decorate your house with you can go with this. Here you can use more colors and less intricate designs and create something beautiful.

7. Black and White

Heading away from the conventional colorful rangolis. Using white colors over a black surface can bring out a sort of minimalistic look to thee rangoli which is very new and something to stare at.

8. Ombre

Ombre colors are a little tricky to achieve. But using the perfect colors and designs it can look great! Putting in diyas around it can elevate the look as well.

9. Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is an important god when it comes to Indian traditions. Thus if you want your rangoli to be very traditional, you can try this design out.

10. Swastik

The swastika is an integral part of the Indian customs and ceremonies. Keeping it simple and creative can make the rangoli look complete and festive-ready.

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