University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre signs Sarah Jama's letter denying Jewish rapes

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The University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre has signed onto an open letter penned by ousted Ontario MPP Sarah Jama that denies Israeli women were subjected to rape and sexual violence on Oct. 7.

Jama, an Independent MPP from Hamilton who was booted from the NDP caucus last month after controversial comments in support of Palestinians, is the first signatory.

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“Insane,” political columnist Robyn Urback said in reply to the letter, which also calls for the resignation of all Members of Parliament to whom the letter is addressed.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is named for talking about Hamas sexual violence against Israeli women on Oct. 7.

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The letter’s signatories attribute the many instances of rape to “unverified accusations.”

“Meanwhile Jagmeet Singh repeated the unverified accusation that Palestinians were guilty of sexual violence,” reads the letter.

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“All Canadian political parties dehumanize Palestinians, facilitating Israeli-led genocide against them. If you truly value Palestinian life and international law, we thus call on you to resign now.”

The letter also refers to Israeli occupation as “terrorist.”

“All of you are complicit in Israel’s killing of over 5000 Palestinians in Gaza thus far,” the letter continues. “By failing to recognize Israeli occupation as ‘terrorist’ and only directing this term at Palestinian resistance, you perpetuate an Islamic trope.”

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A video recently emerged of Jama expressing her controversial viewpoints.

“There is no actual evidence of these rapes and the babies with their heads cut off — all these things are pieces of misinformation,” Jama says in the video posted on X by @AntisemitismCA.

“So I think it shows the strength of the Zionist lobby here in Canada and the ways in which they were able to pressure an entire government operation to censure me indefinitely until I apologized.”


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