The five biggest casino myths completely debunked

For some reason, casinos are always shrouded in a little bit of mystery. Despite being commonplace all over the world, as well as being hugely popular to visit with friends, family and even play online, they’re a hotbed for rumours and mistruths. And almost never coming from the casinos themselves.

Online play is becoming more popular all over the world, with online casino Netherlands, UK, Germany and more frequently the USA seeing their reels spun thousands upon thousands of times a day. That’s in turn having a knock on effect when it comes to people wanting to go to a real-life casino and play for the very first time.

Often one thing putting people off though is said rumours. However, to give you a helping hand, we decided to debunk some of the most false myths that are most commonly told…

Games are rigged

It’s perhaps the most common criticism of casino games – they’re rigged. That really couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you’re much more likely to see a game of Premier League football rigged or even the Olympic Games, and that’s highly unlikely too.

The fact of the matter is that casinos both offline and online have to jump through so many hoops to ensure fair play across all their games. They are required to have licences and use random number generators that have been thoroughly tested by their appropriate gaming boards. For example, in the UK, casino games are only allowed to use random number generators that have been certified by the UK Gambling Commission.

Therefore, due to the number of requirements they must meet by law, no casino game is rigged and governing bodies are in place to ensure that every player has an even chance of winning or losing compared to the next. Outside of player skill, anyway.

Slots can go hot or cold

Similarly, many players believe that certain slot games can blow hot or cold. Again, this is a myth that’s believed both online and off but is completely untrue. Once again, this comes down to a random number generator that ensures that how the symbols land on a slot is completely random. These generators produce thousands of combinations of numbers every millisecond which then reflect the symbols that are revealed on the screen or on the reels. 

The same sequence on a slot is as likely to appear again on the next spin as it is any other sequence. Blowing hot and cold simply doesn’t exist. 

Casinos pump in extra oxygen

In a casino you won’t find windows, and you won’t find clocks. That is pretty standard as a tactic to keep you playing. However, many people believe that casinos in Las Vegas and many other places around the world pump in extra oxygen in order to keep players feeling alert and playing for longer.

This is just entirely false. Not only would it cost them a fortune, there would be many complications and complexities with it, and not least potentially increase the flammability of the air. We’d certainly have seen many burn to the ground by now if this was the case.

Why people tend to believe this is that the temperature of casinos can be relatively cool and well air-conditioned. This will increase alertness within some people in the casino, but it’s certainly not due to an increased amount of oxygen in the air.

It’s illegal to card count

Card counting isn’t illegal. It’s just not very well thought of amongst casino owners. There are dozens of films that have showcased card counting such as Rain Man and 21. In fact, Ben Affleck has even been thrown out of casinos in real-life for card counting.

However, it isn’t illegal, it’s just frowned upon in casinos as you can ultimately improve your chances of winning significantly. Casinos don’t want that so anyone thought to be doing it will be politely asked to leave.