Senior CIA official posted pro-Palestine propaganda on social media: report

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Dissension among foreign-policy professionals with the Biden administration’s support for the Jewish state’s war to destroy Hamas has now manifested in America’s espionage agency.

Amy McFadden, an associate deputy director for analysis at the CIA, posted a Palestinian flag as her Facebook background two weeks after the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks against Israel.

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Her LinkedIn page also showed support for the International Crisis Group, an anti-Israel organization linked to an Iranian propaganda network and previously led by Robert Malley, the suspended special envoy for Iran. The page also features the banner “I am for equity because equity starts with everyone.”

The Financial Times, which broke the story and did not name McFadden, also reported the CIA director had posted a selfie with the phrase “Free Palestine” imposed on it.

Following FT’s inquiry into the photo, McFadden removed the image.

McFadden is a Middle East specialist whose duties previously included preparing the President’s Daily Brief.

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