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National Horse Day is celebrated on 13 December every year. The day is observed to honour the horse’s historical, economic as well as cultural accomplishments. On this day, horse lovers across the world come together to show their love and affection for them. It was first celebrated in 2004, and since then it has been celebrated every year.

Across the globe, people join hands and honour horses and the highlights they play in society. Many haven’t noticed that horses always played a crucial role in building our society. From delivering supplies to equestrian therapy they helped humans in many ways. Back in the old times, they were used to send supplies to rural parts of the country. 

Horses have been with us for the last 50 million years. They were first spotted in North America and later spread to Europe and Asia. They went extinct but when Europeans started colonising in North America they again introduced the breed.

As per the notes in Oklahoma State University, the first horses to be tamed were in Asia somewhere around 3000 and 4000 BC. Back in those days, they were bred for milk and meat. Later they were used for transportation purposes. 

Horses play a huge role in the US economy and are a part of American culture in many ways such as transporting food and supplies in rural areas, assisting field ploughs, offering therapy, and shifting cattle in ranches. Still, horses are used for labour in the southern part of America. They are a part of American Western culture often seen in Hollywood movies. 

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Warm greetings on the occasion of National Horse Day to everyone. This is one of the majestic creatures which has been our companion for centuries.

When we look back in time, we cannot negate the contributions horses have made to our lives. Wishing everyone on the occasion of National Horse Day.

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Happy National Horse Day to all. Let us show some appreciation towards horses which have contributed to our history, economy and culture in so many ways.

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Wishing a very Happy National Horse Day to all. This occasion calls for spending some time with the horses and making it a memorable one.

Don’t forget to miss on the chance to go for a horse riding session in order to celebrate the occasion of National Horse Day with the horses.