GodLike Esports and Team Vitality to represent India at CODM World Championship 2023, USA

GodLike Esports (left) and Team Vitality (right)

GodLike Esports’ Call of Duty Mobile team will be one of the two representatives of India at the CODM World Championship in Atlanta, USA. Their matches will begin from 15 December 2023, and will be streamed live on YouTube from around 8:30 pm IST onwards.

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship consists of five stages and the first three stages are qualifiers and Stage four is the National Championship. Team GodLike were undefeated champions through all the four stages without dropping a game and not even a single map at stage four, establishing themselves as the champions of the nation.

The line-up consists of Learn, Neutrino, Trunks who have been the core members of the team and new additions like Abhizdada, Skullguy and Prevail who gave a fresh firepower to the line-up.

From India, along with GodLike Esports, Team Vitality will also be competing on this international stage for a $1 million prize pool.