Gigi Hadid claims Israel harvests organs of dead Palestinians in since-deleted social media post

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In a since-deleted social media posting, supermodel Gigi Hadid leveled several false charges against Israel.

Hadid claimed that Israel had engaged in “abduction, rape, humiliation, torture, murder of Palestinians years and years before Oct. 7, 2023.” She also shared a video making the now commonplace, modern blood-libel claim that Israel harvests the organs of dead Palestinians.

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Hadid said that Israel was “the only country in the world that keeps children as prisoners of war.”

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On Monday, Hamas released 11 hostages, eight of whom were children.

Hadid’s example of a Palestinian minor held by Israel as a “prisoner-of-war” was Ahmed Mansara, who was caught on video engaging in a stabbing rampage and sentenced to 12 years in prison, later reduced to nine-and-a-half years. Mansara has repeatedly been in solitary confinement for his violent behavior against himself and others.

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli responded on her own Instagram that the youth Hadid championed had said, “I came with my cousin to stab Jews.”

Last October, in another since-deleted Instagram post, Hadid’s father Mohamed compared Israel to Nazi Germany. Hadid’s sister, the fellow model Bella, has called for an ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews.

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