FIRST READING: Disgraced 'anti-racism' trainer returns to threaten Trudeau, pledge destruction of Canada

Laith Marouf, who has collected about $500,000 in federal contracts, urged creation of ‘Zionist-Hunter squads’ targeting Canadian politicians

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The Canadian federal government has failed to recover any of the more than $100,000 that it paid to Laith Marouf, the federal “anti-racism” contractor whose virulently antisemitic social media posts became the centrepiece of a national scandal.

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But after months of apparent silence, Marouf is back online to assail his critics — and his former benefactors — with a stream of taunts and violent threats.

“Go drink the sea of Gaza you little Zionist b—h,” Marouf wrote in a Nov. 5 post directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He added, “as soon as we liberate Palestine, we will be aiding our Indigenous relatives to liberate theirs. We will bring you to trial for your crimes.”

Laith Marouf post

To Michael Geist — a University of Ottawa law professor and frequent critic of the Trudeau government’s media policy — Marouf wrote “shut up little Jewish White Supremacist turd. We will crush your Jewsader Colony … after, we will be hunting down all Zionists and bring them to stand trial in liberated Palestine.”

And to Norm Spector, a former chief of staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Marouf said he would form “Zionist-Hunter squads” to “capture Genocide abettors like you and bring them to stand trial in liberated Jerusalem.”

Another post advocated the creation of armed self-defence units of Canadian Muslims to fight the police.

In the summer of 2022, Marouf became the centre of a national scandal after it emerged that the Trudeau government had handed six-figure “anti-racism” contracts to Marouf’s Community Media Advocacy Centre – despite Marouf’s lengthy history of extremist cheerleading.

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Across social media, he had repeatedly called for the annihilation of Israel. He said “Jewish White Supremacists” deserved only a “bullet to the head” and referred to Jews generally as “loud mouthed bags of human feces.”

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The Trudeau government’s initial defence was that they didn’t know who Marouf was — a claim that fell apart as the scandal progressed. Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen would later tell a House of Commons committee that he’d been aware of Marouf’s extremism for more than a month before the story hit the press.

Ottawa ultimately severed ties with Marouf shortly after they’d granted his most recent contract; $133,000 to head up an “anti-racism strategy for Canadian broadcasting.”

Although the contract was revoked, the feds haven’t been able to recover any of the cash — something that Marouf seemed to mention in a post. “Clutch your purses Jewsaders!… Your Crime Minister can’t get the money back with all the might of Apartheid Canada,” he wrote.

Marouf may have exited the government-funded anti-racism sphere, but he’s still been finding work as a pundit, most notably for the Russian propaganda channel RT.

Last week, Marouf did a spot on RT from Beirut where he called Israel a colonial outpost whose destruction would yield the retreat of Western hegemony. “That’s why the rest of humanity is actually standing up for the liberation of Palestine, because it will mean the liberation of most of this planet,” he said.

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The posts all come from the account KingofLionKings, Marouf’s most recent social media presence after his prior accounts were shut down due to hate speech violations. Although the account is unverified and does not contain Marouf’s name in the biography, multiple posts have the writer referring to Marouf in the first person.

The use of language is also comparable to Marouf’s other posts. Israel is a “Jewsader Colony.” Canada is “Apartheid KKKanada.” And his description of the CBC melds both terms; “the Jewsader propaganda arm of the government in KKKanada.”

As the Marouf scandal progressed in 2022, one of the most telling things it revealed was that a government anti-racism coordinator was able to espouse extremist views for years on end without anyone batting an eye.

It wasn’t just on social media; Marouf routinely opened anti-racism training sessions with calls for the destruction of the Jewish state. At a May 14 session in Vancouver, Marouf began by thanking Heritage Canada for funding, before launching into a full-throated condemnation of Israeli “genocide” and “apartheid.”

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In just the last five years, the Trudeau government has leaned hard into the doctrine of “anti-racism.” This has included the creation of a Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat and a $20 million Anti-Racism Action Program – the fund which paid Marouf.

Anti-racism is an ideology imported from the United States which holds that Western institutions are irredeemably white supremacist, and thus can only be countered with “deliberate systems and supports” to favour the “equity-seeking.” Anti-racism is very different than the “racial sensitivity training” that was previously the norm in Canadian government quarters in that it frames all human inequality through the prism of an oppressed/oppressor dynamic.

“Racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and structures,” reads an official “anti-racism lexicon” published by the Department of National Defence.

The lexicon is very specific that mere equal treatment is itself racist, and the only remedy is an overhaul of “systems” and “organizational structures” so that “power is redistributed.”

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One of Marouf’s most incendiary claims in recent days is actually an argument frequently included in Canadian anti-racism training. “Zionism is Nazism, and Apartheid Canada was a model for both of them,” wrote Marouf on Nov. 5.

In a package of B.C. government “decolonization” materials leaked in 2022, a meme is included claiming that the “Canadian Constitution” inspired “Nazis and white South Africans creating the Holocaust and Apartheid.”

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Canadian professors and coordinators specializing in “anti-racism,” “diversity, equity and inclusion” and “critical race theory” have been among those signing petitions cheering or excusing the Oct. 7 massacres.

Among the more than 700 that signed a recent petition saying that the attacks should be “contextualized” rather than condemned, was York University “equality and anti-discrimination” expert Faisal Bhabha, and Joshua Sealy-Harrington, a Toronto Metropolitan University “critical race theory” specialist.


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