Discord boosts Nitro membership with new benefits

Starting today, Discord is making its Nitro membership free to non-Nitro members for up to two weeks. So, whether a Discord power user is looking to uplevel their experience, or a novice wants to decorate their Discord profile, users have between now and 13 November to try two weeks of Nitro and experiment with all the added perks.

Discord, a global voice, video and text communications service, continues to make its Nitro subscription better and more fun than ever, adding new and exclusive perks to help members express themselves and customise their presence on Discord.

These are some of the Nitro benefits that have recently launched:

  • Custom app icons: Nitro members can now customise their mobile and desktop apps with a Discord icon to match their vibe. They can choose from 19 fresh new styles, including tactical, pastel, prismatic waves and galactic chrome. 
  • Soundboard entrance sounds: Nitro members can set a specific sound from any of their servers to automatically play from the Soundboard upon joining the voice call.
  • Early access: Nitro members get early access to some of Discord’s most anticipated features such as:
    1. Remix allows Discord mobile app users to quickly edit, design and share photos with their friends. Users can crop an image, write over it with a paintbrush, add text, and even add any custom emoji and stickers from their servers.
    2. The in-app Shop gives Nitro members the opportunity to purchase profile accessories, starting with cool new avatar decorations and profile effects (animations that appear on a user profile whenever another user previews it).
    3. Clips allows users to capture and share the most exciting gaming and voice channel moments with their friends or community, all without leaving the app.

Many users value their digital presence on Discord as their core identity, and Nitro is essential for them. These new Nitro membership benefits will enable Discord to be one of the best places for people to have fun with their friends.