‘Battle Stars’ new update adds Diwali map and new hero

SuperGaming’s Battle Stars gets its first major Diwali update that adds new content in the form of a Delhi Diwali map and a new hero. The update is live now.

Battle Stars is a 4v4 shooter featuring 13 unique heroes, intuitive controls, and a striking, colourful art style. Indian gaming YouTuber, Techno Gamerz aka Ujjwal Chaurasia has worked closely with SuperGaming to develop his playable hero as well as the accompanying Techno Quest.

The game’s Delhi map is now a night map with lights and diyas illuminating player paths. Loot boxes have been replaced with gift boxes and grenades are now sutli bombs. Decorations and rangoli designs adorn the entire map.

In addition to this, the game gets a new hero based on Techno Gamerz. Inspired by Chaurasia’s favourite character Agent 47 from the Hitman series, this rarity hero has a high rate of fire with his primary weapon and deals electrical damage over time with his secondary weapon.

Battle Stars Diwali map

This follows Battle Stars’ last update that added deeper gameplay systems and mechanics. These include Super Weapons, new free legendary skins for each character, and Pro Controls. Along with this, each playable character in the game now has a revamped progression and upgrade system.

Prior to this, SuperGaming added Cricket World Cup-inspired skins to some of its more popular characters in the game. 

Recently, Battle Stars has been nominated for the Google Play Users’ Choice Game of 2023.