Ash Blonde – Turn a New Leaf with the Season’s Freshest Hair Color Shade

Chic, elegantly bourgeois, and classic – ash blonde hair color is enjoying the spotlight this fall. It falls in the cool-tone hue in the color spectrum – a flattering shade to usher into the upcoming holiday season. With celebrities donning the eccentric color, it is evident ash blonde has garnered quite the fan base. Spice up the hair aesthetics and inspire change with fresh ashy streaks.

Ash Blonde – All about the tones and undertones

The subtle, sophisticated shade lies on the opposite end of the spectrum, leaning towards cool tones. Without throwing the word “ash” loosely, let’s dig into the actuality of the color. Gray, blue, green, and violet undertones dominate the ash-blonde color. The color stands opposite to warm shades like copper, yellow, or red.

Ash blonde hair complements skin with cooler undertones like bluish or pinkish hues, creating a perfect balance with all skin colors. The ashy shade adds a silvery tone to the hair, keeping the brassiness away. Draped in the subtle hues of blue and purple, the ashy hair color cancels uneven redness and leaves a peachy-pinkish glow.

Why is Ash Blonde a Swoon-worthy Hair Color Choice?

It’s a statement color choice that tones down the hues of yellow and orange, bringing into prominence gray and silver tones. Transform your appearance by turning your goldilocks into elegant streaks of gray with ash blonde color. Embrace the moody hues of ash-blonde hair color against fall’s white canvas.

Tones down the unwanted brassiness

With the nip in the air, dip in the temperature, and a blanket of snow, the tanned skin and warm undertone mellow down. Cool-toned hair colors like ash blonde complement all skin types, making it a fine choice to balance out hair brassiness. With its purplish to pinkish tinge, it brightens the skin and complexion.

Flaunting the grays with pride

Gone are the days when gray hair was frowned upon. From popular celebrities to social influencers, there is a shift in trend from warmer blondes to cooler tones. Instead of coloring hair golden, brunette, or brown, people are enticed to flaunt their grays with a complete ash blonde transformation.

Make a statement style

The color is unique, eye-catching, and a perfect shade that makes one stand out. It presents numerous variations – from subtle, muted to shiny finish. Accessorize your locks in ash blonde ombre, balayage, or highlights in multiple shades. Graying undertones symbolize elegance and sophistication brewed gracefully by the ash blonde hue.

Experiment with a new look

Going ash blonde is a great way to chase a drastic transformation. Silver fox ashy blonde is a refreshing change for golden-haired blondes or brunettes. However, it is best to start with a temporary hair dye as it is non-committal, and the color faded away in a few washes.

Tips to Keep the Ash Blonde Locks Salon-Fresh

Ash blonde hair color is easy to maintain when provided with enough aftercare. Keep the tresses sophisticated and style chic by following these simple tips:

Always use color-safe products

Preserve the freshness of the colored hair by using a color-protect shampoo. Use a purple or silver shampoo infused with violet pigments, formulated for excellent toned hair color. As it deposits the pigments, it neutralizes brassiness. Team it up with a color-safe conditioner and hair mask for preserving color while strengthening strands.

Use heat protectant spray

Unless it is necessary, avoid using heat-styling tools. Always shield hair using a heat protectant when exposed to high temperatures radiated from styling tools. This not only reduces hair dryness and prevents damage but also prevents the color from fading.

Seek professional expertise

Getting the ash blonde color right is tricky, and consulting an expert hairstylist is important. Salon professionals advise the right shade and tone based on skin tone, undertone, and eye color. Also, it is recommended to get a root touch-up to preserve the vibrancy and keep the ashy color preserved.