Alberta is Canada's angriest province, Quebec the least, poll finds

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The “Rage Index” in Canada has reached a record high, according to a new report by Pollara.

Conducted earlier this month, the survey of 3,000 Canadians analyzed sentiments toward the government, the economy and current events.

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Pollara says it created the “Rage Index” to track Canadians’ sentiment on core indicators as well as news flashpoints, analyzing mood over time and within key demographic, regional, and political segments, and given that we are living in an era of “outrage, negativity and anger.”

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Weighted based on gender, age and region using the latest census data, the survey found that the “Rage Index” increased by one point from September, with the majority of respondents expressing frustration and anger regarding the war in Ukraine, conflict in Israel and Gaza, and their personal financial situation.

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Respondents were surveyed on their feelings toward the federal government, their provincial government, the Canadian economy, personal financial situations, the types of changes happening in Canada, and the latest stories in the news.

Seventy per cent of respondents expressed anger or frustration about news stories, an eight-point increase from September.

High levels of anger were noted regarding the war in Ukraine (79 per cent) and the conflict in Israel and Gaza (78 per cent). Another 70 per cent were very angry with the Parliament giving a standing ovation to a veteran who fought for Nazi Germany.

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In Alberta, 60 per cent of respondents felt negatively about the proposal to withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan, with only 17 per cent feeling positively.

The Trudeau government’s decision to exempt home heating oil from the carbon tax for three years was well-received in Atlantic Canada, where 47 per cent of respondents viewed the exemption positively, but it received more negative responses elsewhere.

Overall, the survey found that women are generally feeling angrier than men regarding the surveyed topics.

Young people, particularly those aged 18 to 34, also reported significant frustration about the economy. Homeowners with mortgages were also significantly more frustrated about their financial situations compared to those who have paid off their mortgages.

Regionally, Alberta recorded the highest “Rage Index,” with 63 per cent of respondents stating they were annoyed or angry about the surveyed topics. Quebec, meanwhile, recorded the lowest score at 50 per cent, while Ontario trailed Alberta at 60 per cent.

Overall, 57 per cent of Canadians reported feeling annoyed or angry about the six topics, marking a one per cent increase from September. Twenty per cent reported feeling very angry, holding steady from September.

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