14 Virat Kohli Hairstyle Name to Try in 2024

Is Virat Kohli truly necessary to introduce? He is without a doubt the most recognizable right-handed batsman who improved Indian cricket. He will always be remembered as a century hero and a trustworthy source of style and hair influence. So if you are a Virat Kohli fan and you need to stay up-to-date with his fashion, here are 14 Virat Kohli hairstyles for you to try out as soon as you can!

14 Virat Kohli Hairstyle Names

1. Hyped Pompadour

The Pompadour is a very common haircut for guys, but when Virat was linked to it, it took on an almost heavenly charm.

2. Boyish Spikes

Since Virat started wearing it as part of his cricket haircut series, this specific hairstyle has swept the globe and remained in style. Just look at his hair—it’s like it was fashioned just for him!

Best Virat Kohli Hairstyles

3. Side Fade

When his cricket career was at its height, Virat’s hairdo attracted a lot of attention. People couldn’t help but notice his gorgeous appearance at the moment because of his unique hairdo.

Virat Kohli Short Hair

4. Gelled Out

Because Virat Kohli personally designed this hairdo rather than depending on a stylist, it has unique importance.

Virat Kohli Hairstyle 2023

5. Lateral Quiff

Without a question, Virat Kohli’s best hairdo to date is the side quiff. Despite the fact that he has always been a style icon, this particular haircut gave him an even more endearing look.

Virat Kohli Fade

6. Short Puff

Virat Kohli stands out as one of the most gorgeous mature men when donning this cut, despite the fact that it is usually associated with children in their early teens.

Virat Kohli 2012

7. Lateral Shaved

Because a short undercut requires shaving the sides and back of the head, it can be difficult to pull off. However, Virat Kohli, who is renowned for his hair-inspiring decisions, has also been successful with this look.

Virat Kohli Short Hair

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8. Messy Look

Regardless of how unkempt Virat Kohli’s hair may seem in the beginning, the finished product is always flawless!

Virat Kohli Messy Hair

9. Buzz Fade

Similar to this flawless fade cut, this one fo the best Virat Kohli hairstyles are the pinnacle of brilliance and effortless style.

Virat Kohli Spikes

10. Perfect Buzz Cut

What spell did his buzz cut carry? We can’t help but be ardent admirers of Virat’s gorgeous hairdo.

Virat Kohli Buzz Cut

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11. Undercut

Kohli’s perfectly manicured, classic undercut hairstyle and well-trimmed beard attracted notice and became his defining look for a large portion of 2017.

Virat Kohli Hairstyle 2020

12. Mildy Faded Look

When Virat Kohli decided to switch up his undercut for a fade in 2018, this hairstyle experienced a big uptick in popularity.

Mildy Faded Look

13. Gen-z Undercut

Virat Kohli currently sports a hairstyle with precisely trimmed sides, a well-kept top, and a thick beard that completes the appearance.

Gen-z Undercut

14. Classic Boss Man Look

He had a hairstyle that originated in the 17th and 18th centuries when French nobility wore it. Madame de Pompadour is credited with popularising the hairstyle and giving it her name.

Classic Boss Man Look