14 Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Designs To Draw And Decorate Your House With (2023)

Hindus celebrate Tulasi Vivaha, also called Tulasi Kalyanam, which is a symbolic ritual union between a holy basil plant, or Tulasi plant, and an amla branch, or shaligrama. In Hindu tradition, this event heralds the end of the monsoon period and the start of the season of marriage. Below mentioned are 14 Tulsi Vivah Rangoli designs.

14 Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design:

1. Simple Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

If you’re a newbie and want something less complicated this design is the best for you to try out.

2. Beautiful Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

Rangolis are used to decorate the house. This design is colorful, bright, and perfect to draw.

3. Ganesha

Ganesha is a god in the Hindu religion. If you draw this make sure to put it above the feet level to not smudge it accidentally.

4. Swastika Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

The swastika is a religious symbol. It’s easy and very something to draw around and beautify.

Swastika Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

5. Minimalistic

Unconventional choices do turn out to be the best sometimes. If you want something elegant to the eye and simple this is it.

6. Spiral

The design is easy as you need to draw spirals all over your rangolis. It’s simple yet pretty.

7. Border Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

Instead of being conventional, you can try to design the border of your room. Very low maintenance and easy to draw.

8. Mandala

Mandalas are a very common theme that gets made for pujas. The stencils are easily available and the design can be personalized.

9. Theme

You can draw up a theme for your rangoli and make it more culturally valid to refer to.

10. Creative Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

Be as artistically creative as you want but add patterns and color effects to your ranogli.

11. Corner

Instead of designing the middle of the room, you can select a corner, Easeir to draw as you have a starting point.

12. Floral Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

Create rangolis with flower petals or small flowers to get a beautiful pattern.

13. Elaborate

If you feel a little creatively dramatic, you can go all in with your rangoli designs through elaborate designs.

14. Peacock Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Design

Peacocks are a very common design for rangolis. It’s easy and simple to make.

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