10 Merry Christmas Rangoli Designs To Decorate Your House With

Rangolis are a desi way to decorate the house on special occasions. If we tune in rangoli and Christmas, wouldn’t that be fun? Adding hints of Christmas spirit to the rangoli and making the house beautiful is a part of the Christmas spirit and we’re all in for it! Below are 10 Merry Christmas rangoli designs mentioned.

10 Merry Christmas Rangoli:

1. Easy Merry Christmas Rangoli

A simple Christmas tree and writing merry Christmas or ‘feliz navidad’ is the perfect way to finish the rangoli design.

2. Christmas Tree

Drawing up a silhouette of a tree and filling it up with Christmas decorations is an easy and simple way to get this design up. Always add a star on the top to finish the perfect look.

3. Theme

Bells are very significant to celebrate Christmas. It’s a symbol of celebration and hope. Drawing this as rangoli is easy and beautiful.

4. Santa Claus

The classic Santa Claus design is perfect for rangoli. It’s bright and colorful and matches the themes and spirit of Christmas.

5. Colorful Merry Christmas Rangoli

Adding a hint of a figure alongside the Christmas tree is also another way to welcome little guests to the house on that special day.

6. Aesthetic

If too much decoration is not enough, this simple and aesthetic rangoli is the choice. It is all about the outline and some fill-ins and you’re ready.

7. Chimney Merry Christmas Rangoli

Santa Claus is known to sneak in through the chimney to deliver people their gifts. This rangoli is perfect to elevate the jolly mood of Christmas.

8. Snowy

Christmas at the North Pole is all about the snow and snowfalls all around. A bell surrounded by white snow is aesthetical and is perfect for the Christmas theme.

9. Santa and Penguin

Snata hails from the North Pole, and we all know penguins are the cutest creatures from that environment. So we better believe Santa meets with baby penguins before coming down to deliver the gifts.

10. Greetings Merry Christmas Rangoli

This rangoli can be drawn at the house’s entrance as a welcome sign. It is a reminder of the festival and brightens the mood when the guests enter the house.

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