10 Chhath Puja Rangoli Designs To Draw and Beautify Your House (2023)

Chhath Parva, known by various names like Chhath Puja, Chhath, Chhathi, Dala Chhath, Surya Shasthi, etc., is a festival devoted to the worship of the Sun God. It is predominantly observed in Northern India, particularly in regions such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. To beautify your house for Chhath Puja 2023, we have listed the 10 best Chhath puja rangoli designs for you to try out.

10 Chhath Puja Rangoli Designs:

1. Colorful Chhath Puja Rangoli

You can use loads of colors to highlight this design. Creating simple and freehand designs is the key to this.

2. Simple

This rangoli can be made with a stencil, so if you’re a newbie this is perfect for you. Its colors, are bright and perfect for festivities.

3. Minimalistic Chhath Puja Rangoli

Gaudy rangolis are great, but if you’re someone who appreciates something that is finer, this is the one for you! Very less bright colors and intricate free-hand swirls.

4. Ombre

Ombre is the transitioning of one color to another and having them evenly blended out. You can go for something like this to create a specific design.

5. Themed Chhath Puja Rangoli

Since rangolis are used on many occasions, writing quotes or the name of the festival on top is pretty common. Adding gods to it, can also makeit look great.

6. Corner Chhath Puja Rangoli

If you don’t wanna risk your rangoli getting smudged by the kids. You can design a corner and highlight that part out just the way you want it.

7. Ganesha Chhath Puja Rangoli

Ganesh is a very significant god in the Hindu culture. Having him as a rangoli design is very traditional and also highlights the religious side of the festival.

8. Diya Chhath Puja Rangoli

Adding diyas to your rangoli can help you brighten it. And also make it look even more aesthetic. If your rangoli is kept simple, a diya can work wonders.

9. Line Chhath Puja Rangoli

Adding borders to rangolis are great as it creates an extra highlight to it. Though is kept very simple and artistic, it does a great job creating an edgy look.

10. Floral Chhath Puja Rangoli

Instead of filling your house with colors, which are sometimes difficult to to remove off the floor, you can go for flower petals which is environmental friendly and also give off a natural smell.

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